What Is SEM


Before you know SEM first you need to know about SEO. So what is SEO ?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” SEO is the process of improving the ranking of a website in search engines, through unpaid search engine results.

Now what is SEM ?

SEM stands for “search engine marketing.” After seeing its full form, it is understood that SEM basically use for marketing. In simple language when we search something on the google then in the first page we can see top 5 or top 10 row showing ads and Search engine marketing has been used in all of these for promoting their business. In other words when you want to promote or rank your business too early then you need to use use search engine marketing. You have to pay google for your ranking in google search engine. Search engine marketing is the act of using paid strategies to increase search visibility.

Why SEM is important ?

You all know that how important is SEO. But in this post we talk about what is the importance of search engine marketing. SEM is also very important for growing your business faster. Search engine marketing or SEM is a now popular concept in online marketing. In SEO you need to very effort and also need 3 to 4 month time to rank your website in search engine. But in SEM you just have to pay google and google will run your ad in the first row of the first page. Your rank will be depend on your payment. Now through this advertisement your customer will reach you very easily and you also sell you product or service to your customer. The goal of search engine marketing is to promote a website’s visibility using paid search. Results are immediate with search engine marketing.

In simple words, If you want to grow your business too early then you can use SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

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