PayTM Scan & Pay Offer – Earn ₹2100 PayTM Cash (Loot)


PayTM Scan & Pay Offer

PayTM Scan & Pay Offer – This Offer is for almost all users. In this Offer, you will Get up to 2100 cashback by scan & pay to another user via UPI.

PayTM Scan & Pay Offer

Paytm Scan & pay Offer – Earn up to 2100 Cashback 

1. First of All Download or Update Your PayTM App – Click Here

2.  Now Login using your Details and Move to the dashboard.

3. Now Go To Cashback Page > PayTM UPI Offers > ₹2100 Cashback Offer Page

4. Activate that Offer and In order to get cashback worth ₹2,100 the user needs to complete 10 payments within 30 days of unlocking the offer

5. note – Only 1 Transaction Per Day Will Be Counted & 2 Times Per Merchant.

How to do a valid payment to earn Cashback?

  • Scan the shop’s QR code @ Nearby Shop
  • Enter amount (minimum ₹50)
  • Select the UPI/linked bank account option for payment
  • Enter your PIN to complete the payment

Offer details –

On Each Payment Of Rs.50+, You Will Get PayTM Cash Like Below-

  • 1st payment –   Get Free PayTM Cash Between ₹5 To ₹350
  • 3rd payment –  Get Free PayTM Cash Between ₹5 To ₹350
  • 5th payment –  Get Free PayTM Cash Between ₹5 To ₹350
  • 7th payment –  Get Free PayTM Cash Between ₹5 To ₹350
  • 9th payment –  Get Free PayTM Cash Between ₹5 To ₹350
  • 11th payment – Get Free PayTM Cash Between ₹5 To ₹350

For ₹500 Cashback Accounts:- 

  • 2nd payment –   PayTM Cash cashback ₹5 to ₹100
  • 4th payment –  PayTM Cash cashback ₹5 to ₹100
  • 6th payment –  PayTM Cash cashback ₹5 to ₹100
  • 8th payment –  PayTM Cash cashback ₹5 to ₹100
  • 10th payment –  PayTM Cash cashback ₹5 to ₹100

Terms & Condition – 

  • Offer is applicable for selected customers only
  • Offer is applicable in selected cities of India at Grocery Stores, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Petrol Pumps, Dairy outlets, Pharmacies, Clinics, Parking, Auto/taxi Rides, Hospitals, Automobile Services, Beauty & Fitness, Servicing & Delivery executives, etc. on payments done by scanning any QR Code via Paytm app and selecting the UPI linked bank account option at selected merchants.
  • A minimum amount of each payment should be ₹50
  • Maximum 2 payments at the same merchant will be counted in the offer
  • Only 1 valid payment per day will be counted in the offer
  • Offer is valid 2 times per user
  • Offer is applicable in Android and ios app version 7.0.0 and above
  • One payment will be counted in only one Cashback offer at any given point in time
  • If you do not activate the offer your payments will not get linked to the offer.


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