Google Pay 2020 Welcome Offer – Get 202 To 2020 Cb

Google Pay 2020

Google Pay 2020 Welcome Offer

Google Pay Launches a new Offer As like his recent offer ( on occasion of Diwali festival ). In this Google pay 2020 offer, You Have To Collect Seven Stamps To Get Big Amount Cashback Into Bank Account. Here You Need To Collect :

  1. Ballon
  2. DJ
  3. Disco
  4. Sunglass
  5. Toffee
  6. Selfie
  7. Pizza

Google Pay 2020

How To Signup On Google Pay?

  1. Download Google Pay – Click Here
  2. Create A Account Using Bank Registered Number
  3. Link Your Bank Account Using By Set M-PIN
  4. Now Make Transfer Minimum Rs1 To Any Google Pay User
  5. Get Rs.21 Signup Bonus

How To Collect All Stamps In Google Pay?

  1. Open Your Google Pay App And Scroll Down To below
  2. You Will See “2020″ Promotion Offer – Tap On That
  3. Now You Will See, All The Stamps (Balloon, DJ, Sunglasses, Disco, Toffee, Selfie, Pizza)

Google Pay 2020

4. In this offer, You Can Collect 15 Stamps per day.

  • Scan 2020 photo 2 times by scanner, you will get 2 Stamps
  • Pay ₹98 Or More To A Pay A Business, Spot, Or Google Pay User With Google Pay, For Stamps
  • Pay A Bill Or Do A Mobile Recharge With Google Pay Max 5
  • invite A Friend To Google Pay With Your Unique Referral Code

Note – Above Methods you Will see in your app, try these steps for stamps.

Some Advance method To Complete Google Pay 2020 offer

Method 1 – How To Get DJ stamp?

  • Do A Mobile Recharge
  • Get Assured DJ Stamp
  • Minimum Recharge Amount ₹98

Method 2 – How To Get Toffee stamp?

  • Make A Bill Payment From Google Pay
  • Get Assured Toffee Stamp
  • Minimum Bill Payment Amount ₹300

Method 3 – How To Get Pizza stamp?

  • Refer To Your Friend On Google Pay
  • Get Assured Pizza Stamp On Your Friend First Transaction
  • Also, Get ₹180 Per Refer

Method 4 – How To Get Disco stamp?

  • To Get A Disco Stamp You Need To Transaction On Unique App Or Service Like Dream11 / Fantasy Cricket Etc
  • Also Doing A Recharge You Can Get It It

note – You can Get Ballon Stamps By Scanning 2020 images only!

Final Words

I followed Above Steps and Completed this Offer Today. All Stamps You Can Easily collect except Disco. You need Extra efforts to collect that stamp. If you Collect all stamp & Completed The Offer. Send Your Extra Stamps To Others, who need that stamp.



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